Why Do Women Struggle With Money?

Men and women have different relationships with money and wealth.

For men, money is a measure of value and worth. It provides a way to analyze performance by objective data, statistics, and the satisfaction of reaching a goal. Money is the end result, the summit of the mountain, the accumulation of hard work, effort, and vision.

For women, money seems mysterious, confusing, and frustrating. No matter how hard a woman works, or how often she reads about wealth creation, her bank account always needs to be filled. Judgment, shame, and belittling follow on the heels of the realization that “It didn’t work, again.”

Is there a magic formula that speaks only to men? Why can’t women create the wealth they crave?

Men and Women Create Differently

Men are trained to follow the Creation Formula, Do-Have-Be. They are action-oriented, focused on the next step toward their vision or goal. When they achieve the summit, the promise is that they will feel fulfilled and happy.

It’s an outward-in approach that works well for men, but it is not how a woman creates.

Women create from the inside-out. Maybe it’s biological, but a woman nurtures her creativity and worthiness before she exposes herself to the world. Instead of achievement being the driving force, it is connection, collaboration, and community that support a woman’s journey. The Creation Formula for women is Be-Do-Have.

Show Me the Money

When women use the masculine formula, it never feels natural. Instead, when women focus on beingness first, the next action step will appear. She is informed by her state of being, and can rely on her intuition, knowing, and inner vision to move forward.

Both ways of creating money and wealth are valuable. But if you are a woman frustrated with your results, step back and see which formula you used.

The feminine formula may be just what you need to create the life of your dreams.

My latest book is a guide to wealth creation from your inner-verse. “The Money Tree: Transform Scarcity Thinking to Empowered Wealth Consciousness” is now available on Kindle.



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Kathryn Eriksen

Empowered Women’s Wealth Coach. Spiritual Writer. Inspiring Speaker. Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher. Join me at https://bit.ly/38lXwt2 and EmpoweredWay.com.