Writing Prompt #23

When My Soul Speaks, I Create

I have finally learned to listen

Kathryn Eriksen
3 min readJan 24


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One morning while journaling, an idea popped into my head. I had been struggling whether to continue my wealth coaching business. We were in the middle of the quarantine and the world felt like it was coming apart.

I don’t want to dwell on those dark days, other than to acknowledge the shared experience of loneliness, despair, fear, and helplessness.

But from the cauldron of those dark emotions rose a phoenix.

At least for me.

The Crazy Idea

While I allowed my mind to wrap itself around the idea, my heart leaped up as hope and love exploded. I watched as my mind and heart had the following conversation.

Mind: “You can’t write about a money tree right now. People will think you’ve finally stepped over the edge.”

Heart: “This isn’t about you.”

Mind: “But I am the one who has to write it! It’s my name on the cover.”

Heart: “You want to help people see that this period of time will pass. Their fears and worries about money don’t have to suffocate them.”

Mind: “How will a talking money tree do that? It’s crazy!”

Heart: “You asked for an idea.”

At this point in the conversation, there was silence. I took a deep breath and asked for another perspective.

That is when my soul spoke.

My Soul’s Message

It didn’t speak in words — more like images.

I saw a woman huddled under a throw, next to a fire, reading a book and nodding. As I continued watching, she set the book down, closed her eyes, and placed both hands over her heart. She released her worries and felt peace for the first time.

Soul had spoken to me and I now had a mission. To write a book that carried the message that love is more powerful than fear.

The book’s premise was a simple question:

Is money real? Or is it Divine Love in disguise?



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