Celebrate Water Lessons on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Since 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, let’s look at what water can teach us about life.

The following lessons are supported by a quote to remind you of the deeper truth.

Life Lessons from Water

  1. Water and life are constantly changing. Accept this fact and stop trying to control the outcome. You will discover a deep peace that pervades everything.
  1. Respond to life with fluidity and vulnerability. Because life is always changing and you have no control over the outcome (see Lesson 1), be open but persistent. Pursue your passions and accept the outcome.
  1. Love expands your heart. The more open and vulnerable you are, the more you will learn about life. Compassion, empathy and generosity are natural byproducts of an open heart.

As you move through your day, be like water. Soft, fluid, tenacious, and focused. Open to change and flowing around, under, or through obstacles. Rigid, fixed beliefs and judgments are softened by the power of your heart.

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