Men and women have different relationships with money and wealth.

For men, money is a measure of value and worth. It provides a way to analyze performance by objective data, statistics, and the satisfaction of reaching a goal. Money is the end result, the summit of the mountain, the accumulation of hard work, effort, and vision.

For women, money seems mysterious, confusing, and frustrating. No matter how hard a woman works, or how often she reads about wealth creation, her bank account always needs to be filled. …

You have the opportunity to be better than you were just five minutes ago.

You have learned how to react to certain situations based on your past experiences. When someone criticizes you, for example, you may become defensive or withdrawn. If you are ready to learn how to grow instead of repeating old patterns, keep reading.

Integrate these 3 steps into your life and discover for yourself how to become a growth person.

Step 1 - Be Aware of Who You Are

As you move through the moments of your day, you can increase your awareness of who you are…

Today is Earth Day. Since 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, let’s look at what water can teach us about life.

The following lessons are supported by a quote to remind you of the deeper truth.

Life Lessons from Water

  1. Water and life are constantly changing. Accept this fact and stop trying to control the outcome. You will discover a deep peace that pervades everything.

No man steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. -Heraclitus

  1. Respond to life with fluidity and vulnerability. Because life is always…

Photo by Dan DeAlmeida on Unsplash

One early evening, a father came home from work. He had a horrible day and was looking forward to relaxing.

Except his 4 year old son had other ideas. He pestered his father to play with him, until the older man heaved a sigh and tore out a picture of the earth from the newspaper. He tore it up into little pieces and gave them to his son. He also gave his son a roll of tape and a piece of paper, and said that he would play when the boy finished taping the picture back together.

The father went…

During the darkest days of quarantine, I felt lonely, lost, and bone-deep tired. Then I remembered an exercise from Michael Neill from his book, “Supercoach.” It clarified my passion to create and my sense of being tired evaporated, and excitement and hope became my mantras.

Make two lists that you will fill out over the course of one week. The first list is labeled, “Things that Energize Me.” The second list is “Things that Drain Me.”

As your lists are filled up, look for opportunities to do more of the energizer list, and avoid the drain activities.

One item on…

Have you ever decided that one event, thing, or person would make you happy? You worked hard, stayed late to get ahead, and even sacrificed to reach your goal.

You climbed the mountain, and when you reached the summit, you felt happy, elated, and fulfilled. But how long did those feelings of elation last? For me, reaching my goals produced happiness, but it never lasted.

What’s going on? Are we using the wrong formula to create our lives?

The World’s Creation Formula is a linear process: 1) identify a goal; 2) take action; 3) reach the goal, and 4) you’ll…

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

This famous line from the Tom Cruise movie, “Jerry Maguire,” has been repeated in memes, songs, and even a Netflix series.

Everyone chases money as if it were the magical solution to all of their problems. Instead of being peaceful with creating abundance, our attention is turned toward the external world, and our actions are fueled by fear.

Fear is always based on a belief in lack and limitation. Fear contracts, diminishes, and distorts what we see in the world. Fear based thinking always leads to competition, judgment, and isolation, because there’s only so much to go around.

Abundance living…

Kathryn Eriksen

Empowered Women Wealth Coach. Spiritual Writer. Inspiring Speaker. Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher. Learn more at

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